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Model: OFCD133
Bunch of 200 Fresh Red Roses..
Ex Tax:₹15,896.00
Model: OFCD229
Say it aloud that you love her and let the whole world witness your love this Valentine’s Day. Send her a bunch of crimson red roses which will make her feel that you will continue to love her more and more with each passing year. Your gift contains: bunch of 500 red roses..
Ex Tax:₹16,452.00
Model: OFCD219
400 Red Roses Basket..
Ex Tax:₹19,549.00
Model: OFCD228
Luxurious Arrangement of 500 Stem Red & Pink Roses.• (Heart Shape in Pink Roses)...
Ex Tax:₹19,592.00
Model: OFCD222
• HEART shape arrangement of 100 Red Roses.• TWO TIER Luxurious arrangement of 300 RED ROSES.• Cane BASKET of 200 Red Roses.• 2 x 50 Red Roses Glass VASE (Big) arrangement.• 6 x Round Basket Arrangement 30 Red Roses each.• 2 Bowling (HANGING) arrangement of 60 Red Roses Each (Total 120 Roses).• “GIF..
Ex Tax:₹28,462.00
Model: OFCD965
Bunch of 1000 Roses..
Ex Tax:₹44,689.00
Model: OFCD153
900 Red Rose200 White Rose..
Ex Tax:₹44,990.00
Model: OFCD217
800 White Rose200 Red Rose..
Ex Tax:₹53,990.00
Model: OFCD171
The Hamper includes 4 feet tall arrangement of 100 roses, one heart shaped arrangement of 150 Red Roses, 25 different arrangements containing 30 red roses each (Total quantity of red roses will be 1000), 3-4 feet high teddy bear,1kg heart shaped chocolate cake from branded bakery along with 5 heart ..
Ex Tax:₹64,590.00
Model: OFCD183
Nothing matters more than the size of your Heart (Dil Bada Hona Chahiye). So here is a big Heart for your Sweet Heart. An Emotion of lifetime. Send This Heart Shape Arrangement of 2000 Red Roses & make her Day Awesome...
Ex Tax:₹69,500.00
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