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Model: OFCD147
10 Red Roses Bunch with Greeting card..
Ex Tax:₹719.00
Model: OFCD48
A lovely bunch of 24 red roses...
Ex Tax:₹1,038.00
Model: OFCD41
Delicious Kaju Burfi Sweet. 500 gm Kaju Burfi Source by Evergreen, Bengali and other Best Sweet Brands.Note :- Sweets will deliver with flowers only..
Ex Tax:₹1,050.00
Model: BMV01
This combo includes a bunch of 12 red roses neatly bunched together in a cellophane packing with a red ribbon, one cute peach colour small teddy bear and Cadbury celebrations chocolate hamper. Make your love life bloom with elegant roses, super cute teddy and delicious chocolates...
Ex Tax:₹1,078.00
Model: OFCD117
1 Kg Pineapple cake same day delivery..
Ex Tax:₹1,082.00
Model: OFCD54
Delicious 1 KG Butter Scotch Cake..
Ex Tax:₹1,084.00
Model: OFCD144
One can never go wrong with a chocolate truffle cake. If you are a huge fan of chocolates, this cake is The One for you- made out of rich chocolate to soothe the taste buds and decoratedNote :- Cake Will be 100% eggless cake..
Ex Tax:₹1,149.00
Model: OFCD39
20 red roses paper packing bunch..
Ex Tax:₹1,232.00
Model: OBMV10
25 Red roses paper packing bunch..
Ex Tax:₹1,236.00
Model: OFCD72
*Weight 1 KG*Cake decoration and icing may slightly differ from the image displayed...
Ex Tax:₹1,246.00
Model: OFCD92
20 Red Roses arranged in a Basket with lots of green foliage...
Ex Tax:₹1,249.00
Model: OFCD137
Ex Tax:₹1,249.00
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