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Model: OFCD13
A lovely bunch of 12 red & white carnations with a lovely 1/2 kg cohoclate truffle cake...
Ex Tax:₹1,689.00
Let love fly
Model: SML24
36 red roses 3 stem pink lilies with greens, hand banquet...
Ex Tax:₹2,023.00
Mix Roses…!
Model: SML17
50 garden-fresh mixed roses arranged wonderfully in a paper packed bunch...
Ex Tax:₹2,167.00
Model: OFCD24
A lovely bunch of 12 mixed roses in glass vase with a lovely 3 kg fruit basket...
Ex Tax:₹2,179.00
Marvelous Mix
Model: OFCD221
50 Mix Fresh Roses Bunch..
Ex Tax:₹2,348.00
Model: OFCD158
 Day-1: 15 Yellow Roses bouquet wrapped in cellophane.Day-2: 24 Mixed Roses long stem hand bunch with lush green fillers in it.Day-3: Pink basket of 30 Stem Roses with nice leafs decoration.Day-4: Yellow basket of 24 stem yellow roses with nice fillers in it...
Ex Tax:₹3,382.00
Model: OFCD4
8 pink carnations with 8 white roses or 3 orchid  and 3 white liliy basket arrangement..
Ex Tax:₹3,849.00
Fantacy..100 Roses
Model: SML21
Bouquet of 100 Stems of Pink & Red Roses ...
Ex Tax:₹5,369.00
Model: OFCD241
If you’re crushing on Valentine’s Day, a good way to really show that person your feelings is to do something they might not expect. Being there for them in any way could go a long way. Online Flowers Cakes delivery`s Valentines luxurious combo will help you get a Big YES and also help you to live t..
Ex Tax:₹8,976.00
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