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Model: OFCD194
850 White Rose150 Red Rose..
Ex Tax:₹30,860.00
Model: OFCD195
memorable moment Of 100 Carnations (arrangement of 50 red and 50 white carnation 3 – 4 feet height)..
Ex Tax:₹3,692.00
Model: OFCD107
Wish a new year full of colours, Wish a new year full of Smiles, Let the year to come blossom with these colourful flowers. Let the flowers Say Happy New Year. This is a 40 mix roses bunch with 2 layer yellow paper packing..
Ex Tax:₹1,398.00
Model: OFCD108
12 red & white roses bunch + 1 kg fruits basket..
Ex Tax:₹1,148.00
Model: OFCD110
Red, pink and white roses, total 33 stems with greens, hand bouquet...
Ex Tax:₹1,162.00
Model: OFCD201
100 Red and White Roses jute packing bunch..
Ex Tax:₹3,142.00
Model: OFCD7
This contemporary posy combines beautiful white roses with elegant pink roses. Its no coincidence that pink roses represent perfect happiness and this bouquet will melt someone’s heart!..
Ex Tax:₹496.00
Model: OFCD213
One sided designer arrangement of Pink Oriental Lilies, White Carnations, Pink Roses and Orchids in a Glass Vase for special ones in your life...
Ex Tax:₹2,432.00
Model: OFCD122
Pink and White Carnation Basket arrangement with Branded Ferraro Rocher Chocolate...
Ex Tax:₹1,597.00
Pure roses
Model: OFCD214
66 white roses,match greenery. beautiful hand bouquet package...
Ex Tax:₹2,154.00
Red & White Roses Arrangement
Model: OFCD217
800 White Rose200 Red Rose..
Ex Tax:₹33,990.00
Model: OFCD137
11 pink roses + 4 stems white lilies,green leaves, beautiful bouquet...
Ex Tax:₹1,432.00
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