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Model: OFCD19
A bunch of lovely 6 orchids with a fruit basket of 2 kg. It can be a lovely gift to you Mom...
Ex Tax:₹1,996.00
Let love fly
Model: SML24
36 red roses 3 stem pink lilies with greens, hand banquet...
Ex Tax:₹2,023.00
Model: OFCD133
A heart shape arrangement to 35 red roses with small cute teddy...
Ex Tax:₹2,138.00
Oozing Love
Model: SML22
This arrangement consists of 10 Red Carnations and 5 Yellow Lilies. This lively arrangement of beautiful flowers represents true colors of life. The Red color of carnations stands for love and yellow lilies stand for bond of friendship. Select this amazing arrangement of flowers and send ..
Ex Tax:₹2,139.00
Red Roses & Mix Fruits New
Model: OFCD 215
20 Red Roses Basket Arrangement 3 Kg Mix Fruits Basket..
Ex Tax:₹2,139.00
Model: OFCD50
Yummy 2 KG Black Forest Cake for Complete Family...
Ex Tax:₹2,145.00
Model: OFCD24
A lovely bunch of 12 mixed roses in glass vase with a lovely 3 kg fruit basket...
Ex Tax:₹2,179.00
Magnificent Pink
Model: OFCD220
60 Pink Fresh Roses Bunch..
Ex Tax:₹2,237.00
Model: OFCD165
Yummy Big Size ButterScotch Cake of 2 KG...
Ex Tax:₹2,242.00
Mother’s Delight
Model: SML26
This is a bunch of 6 stem of lilies with about 12 flowers of lovely Pink Oriental Lilies. Pink lilies represent elegance and sophistication. Perfect gift for impressing just about anyone...
Ex Tax:₹2,249.00
Model: OFCD187
This combo consist of 20 red roses with 1/2 kg chocolate cake cake and 16 pieces fererro rocher chocolate...
Ex Tax:₹2,267.00
Orchids Special Combo
Model: SML03
Bunch of 6 Purple Orchids Half Kg Black forest cake..
Ex Tax:₹2,289.00
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